Thursday, April 8, 2010

Riding Your Bike to Work is a Bike-A-Palooza

JR Alpha: Bikes to Work. Not Just This Month

It's "Valley Bike Month" in these parts, which includes variations of ride-your-bike-to-work-day/week/month. That link has all sorts of cool events to pedal to, although I am kind of pissed that many of the event listings that I saw left out the Bike Swap Meet or "Bike-A-Palooza" in Tempe last weekend. I think I might have enjoyed the swap meet. Maybe the lists I looked at all played up the "Bike-A-Palooza" name and I overlooked the swap in the fine print. Hopefully I remember to check it out next year. It was 82 degrees today and I had a blast riding to work. Right across the canal from the shot above, there was heavy equipment employed in what I can only assume is making a better, smoother, bike path w/tunnel in order to make my commute that much sweeter.

   Bike Tunnel / Path Improvement Machine

Progress on the Soleri Bridge continues in Scottsdale. Couple of shots of where they are now, below, mainly for future reference once the thing actually starts to take shape. I would note a funny quote from the Scottsdale Arts page linked above, though: "In addition to allowing important regular canal maintenance activities, the plaza design fully incorporates the Sun Circle Trail through the site, for contiguous horseback passage on the regional, 140 mile trail." As I wrote previously here, finding a map of that trail online proved to be difficult, for me anyway, until some helpful person at SRP posted a link in a comment to this blog, and now I have a map. Even with that in hand, though, I'm not sure what 140 miles the quote refers to. That may be the intended or planned final distance some day. But, "some day" may be a long time off, since the trail was first conceived of in the 1960s. But I guess I digress. Although in an OCD way that pleases me, since it's related to cycling. And oh, yeah, it's not just for "contiguous horseback passage" y'all! I see a lot of cyclists and pedestrians out there, but not too many horses. Although there was a large pile of steaming evidence of recent horseback passage near that photo spot today. I saw no need to photograph it and post it here, though.

  TRUST | QUALITY | PEOPLE (pick two?)

 Cuidado Caution Cuidado Caution Cuidado Caution Cuidado Caution

Also, I was trying to fit this next pic into an earlier post, but never got around to it. So I'll just close this out with the duck family. The little ones swimming against the current, paddling their little orange feet as furiously as possibly, while mama just cruises along. I stopped to watch them, and to breath in the free air. It was a moment of ineffable joy. Get up. Go ride.

Quack You Very Much

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