Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Danger Zone: Life on Two Wheels

Pushing the Risk Envelope at 8 mph

Over at Copenhagenize, there's an article on the over-the-top language about the risks / dangers of cycling in the waiver that people have to sign to protect the organizers from lawsuits in order to participate in a Dutch group bike ride in Chicago on May 8. I read that this morning, then saw this terrifying scene on the way to work, and I had to put this picture out there as my own small contribution to the effort to counteract the madness of the language of that waiver, which at the very least was probably written by lawyers who are concerned with covering their clients' ample butts in front of a jury who potentially believe that anyone who rides a bike must be crazy to do something so odd and dangerous when there are perfectly good cars available. Mikael is right: we need better marketing. Think different. Be different. Get up. Go ride.

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