Monday, March 29, 2010

He Rides a Bike Friday

A Bike Friday, with the Neat Roller Case, Too

For a while, I thought that a folding bike was the answer to all my commuter challenges. During that while, I became quite enamored of the Bike Friday. They seem very good instantiations of the genre, and also have a loyal following. Eventually, though, I decided that my particular passel of commuting conundrums might best (or at least presently) be addressed by not buying a new bike, mainly due to all the potential domestic strife that would go along with that, since my wife and daughters had issued an ultimatum: a new bike = a new cat, and that's just crazy talk, the last thing we really need is yet another cat, so we're at a Phoenician stand-off currently, as far as new bikes and additional cats go. Instead, I just repurposed / resurrected the ancient mountain bike by adding a rack, and eventually fenders, into a capable cruisemuter, my trusty steel Yasuko. And yet. There's another class of problems egging me on, those around traveling with a bicycle, particularly flying. When you ride almost every day, a day with involuntary non-riding is unpleasant, and a string of such days can be downright stultifying. Out of a strong desire to avoid involuntary non-riding stultification, I still look longingly upon the Bike Friday, imagining myself packing if deftly into the black case above, then arriving at my destination, unpacking, and going for a ride about the new town, to see what I can see, gloriously unstultified. Perhaps snapping pictures for the blog along the way, from the back of my trusty and tricky foldup steel steed. This chance cross-the-street near-miss of a Bike Friday has rekindled some of that in me. Don't tell my wife and kids though. Seriously. One more cat would push this house over the "that's too many friggin cats line". Get up. Go ride.  

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  1. At he height of my bicycle frenzy I was thinking about a Dahon folder.
    Then I pictured myself on it.
    That cured me.


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