Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bike Cafe

Bike Cafe

The photo of Trail Head Bike Cafe is not framed that great because I was a little shaky and the camera kept veering toward "ESPRESSO" in the window, so finally I just gave up and went inside, got a double espresso, and felt much better. They seemed pretty relaxed in here, they fix/sell bikes and make a mean espresso, so I'll be back, definitely for food, possibly for bike work. I say "possibly" because I enjoy working on bikes myself, while fully supporting the concepts that some work is better done by professionals, and also that local bike shops are community resources in every good sense of the term and deserve our patronage. The morning ride was as close to perfection as I expect to come on this round blue-green marble, and the very fine coffee was an excellent way to top it off. There were a bunch of people out riding today and almost everyone smiled and said hey. Peace, happy bike people!

 Happy Bike People
More Happy Bike People

Today Rocked

In short, today rocked. OK, maybe not as hard as an autographed after show backstage pass to the 2004 Tesla "Into the Now" tour, but still, it rocked. Get up. Go ride.

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