Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Passing the Legacy

To the left in this photo is "Passing the Legacy, Hashknife Pony Express Commemorative Monument," by Herb Mignery. This statue near the Scottsdale Fashion Square / Waterfront complex commemorates the old Pony Express as well as the yearly reenactment called The Hashknife. On the right is I don't know exactly what, but could be a Gen1 Segway rider passing the Segway legacy (in the form of a spiral notepad and slip of paper) to a fancy new mountain trail-worthy X2 Segwayist. It looks like the X2 goes for over $5000. While I admit they have a certain geeky charm, especially when ridden by two attractive people such as these, I would rather spend the money on a people-powered two-wheeler, or several. SHOCKER, I know. Get up. Go ride. 


  1. The monument and the story behind it is awesome!
    So they make a mail run just in January or year 'round?

  2. Only in January, it looks like. They have a nice web site that includes a tiny (in area) video.

    I've seen one or two signs marking the route of the Hashknife Pony Express. Now I know.


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