Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Long Shadows of Morning

Morning throws its long shadows down the street. As I wheeled my under-caffeinated self out of the driveway this morning, my intent was to think about writing about listening while biking, about how being in the open on a bicycle affords the chance to hear things that you miss while boxed up in a car. But what does listening look like? Well maybe something would come along. Then this happened and I had to consider what shadows sound like. A few seconds later I caught up to the woman on the bike (I was wondering what the flag and frilly stuff was all about) and discovered that she was towing an empty outrigger.

Possibly just having dropped off the kid at school. Which is awesome, but left me wondering, what is the sound of an empty kid's outrigger bike being towed home? Apparently I chose an exceptionally quiet morning to listed closely. Maybe I needed to listen to other ideas, and save the "listen to the neighborhood" theme for another day. So doing, I recalled that I wanted to snap a shot of a painting on a block wall along the canal. So I took a little detour (yes on the way to work, much recommended) and got it. This is it, below. I have no idea what the heck is going on with all the tandems suddenly filling my world. It's great, it takes all shapes and sizes to make the bicycle world turn around, but it seems like I had gone for months without seeing any, and now it's one a day. Get up. Go ride.


  1. i like this post a lot, the mom, the drop off scene, under-caffeination (oh-no!!and the mural :DDD
    cheers! meli

  2. meligrosa thanks for stopping by! There's a kid in the neighborhood (NEIGHborhood) who takes a horse to school sometimes, I have it from reliable sources. I'd love to get a pic of that alternative transportation on a sunny morning. -JR


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