Friday, February 12, 2010

Debugging Friday

Friday crashed.
I got a long stack of exceptions when I tried to run it.
The error stack reads like some kind of zen koan.
It could be hardware or software or both.
I rebooted three times but Friday still won't run.
I recited the Out of Memory Mantra oom oom oom oom oom but no go.
Hard drive read error?
Network issues? Power surges?
Garbage collection? User error? Ancient malloc insufficiency?
I'll just keep debugging Friday until I get to the root of the error.
Friday has a looooooong error stack. I think there might be a memory error that is obscuring some exceptions.
Or maybe the log file for Friday ran out of disk space or logrotated before I could catch the relevant details.
The details spin by pretty fast sometimes. I probably missed the actual error.
Logging level set too high maybe.
Or else I forgot to log that process at all. Hmmm.
The thread dump utility is refusing to respond. Not good. Friday is in a hung state.
But I don't know what's blocking.
Riding still seems to work, so I'll give that a shot. Get up. Go ride.


  1. what machine produced this error? Were you just booting up?

    See this is why I like the Palm. I think I will like the iPad for this reason too.

    Hard drives are the weak link. Make a machine with no moving parts, and you got something more reliable.

  2. That's a brain dump.

    I agree about the hard drives too. Solid state drives are the way to go. I don't own one yet. Palms are great. I had a couple different models of the palm pilot, and also a handspring which was very similar.


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