Friday, January 15, 2010

Laughing Friday

No photo or vid today, just a quick scene: warm early Friday evening, a dense stand of oleanders 20 feet tall and too thick to see through, a quiet street, and as I ride past on the way home, I hear a covey* of Gambel's quail laughing at each other and running back and forth behind the hedge. I stopped to listen for a moment, tried to see through the bushes to find out what they were up to, but could only hear them chortling as they scuttled to and fro across crispy leaves. I hope we find something to laugh about like those crazy quail this weekend, with family, friends, and/or on a bike. Get up. Go ride.

*need a better collective noun for quail than "covey". Suggestions welcome. I'm going with a giggle of quail until someone suggests a better choice. 


  1. A convoy of quail. (Too close to "covey"?)

  2. A zugzwang of quail. (Surely you saw that one coming.)

  3. I tried to find a good recording of quail in full-on frenzied laughter to show what they sound like up close, but found none. New goal for me in my self-powered travels: produce a high quality recording of a zugzwang of Gambel's quail laughing their feathers off. One of the vids I found was of a hawk taking a stab at a convoy of quail, though.


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