Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HP-15C and 1989 Fuji Suncrest Side by Side

Compare and contrast.
  • Cost about $100. 
  • Still work great. 
  • Made in 1980s. 
  • Far surpassed for their original usage by new technology (desktop computers, bikes with suspension) but because of essential features (the best buttons ever put on a calculator, a timeless steel frame) continue to serve useful purposes.
  • Able to be morphed into other purposes easily by me somewhat aided by a book (HP-15C Owner's Handbook (the best manual ever written for an electronic device), the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 2nd Edition). 
  • Some people look at me funny when I use them. 
  • Some people nod knowingly when I use them.
  • RPN and a Biopace chainring. 
  • SOLVE key and LX M-454 cantis. 
  • Landscape orientation and M453 SIS thumbshifters. 
  • A giant enter key right in the middle and four finger brake levers (easy to mash either when panicked without fear of harm). 
  • Not high powered, but run for an incredible length of time on the power available. 
Edge to HP-15C : linear regression, trigonometric functions, statistics, math, registers, memory.
Edge to the Suncrest: once carrying me up and down South Mountain with a bunch of road bikers, hauling me back and forth to work regularly, gears, wheels, pedals.


  1. What the heck is this about?

    Are these just old calculators duct taped to your bike?

    I need another photo. Also, don't know what calculations you are doing out on trail 100. Please enlighten.

  2. Although I support duct taping (or zip tying) just about anything to anything else, this particular calculator is not currently attached to a bike. I was just comparing two old things that still work, still get used, and that I like. I think the only calculations I would do on Trail 100 is how far my aspirations exceed my skills, in order to prevent myself from trying stupid things.

  3. best calculator in history - I still use mine too, but sadly my 11C died around 1995

  4. HP released the HP 12C Platinum Edition which is still available for purchase. My 15c is still going strong.


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