Saturday, November 28, 2009

I17 Tree Tradition

Each year, just north of Sunset Point along I-17, someone decorates this tree. I guess I like it because it's not there to sell big screen TVs or to entice you to lighten your wallet or to buy buy buy more junk you don't really need. Part of me fears that something so lacking in corporate sponsorship and official imprimatur is doomed to end eventually. I'm sure there's a law or security restriction which forbids doing something so offbeat, so rogue, as to return year after year to this spot just to put up decorations for people to enjoy as they blast by at 75. One year there will be yellow tape, armed guards, video surveillance, stealth drones orbiting overhead. A fence around the area with razor wire would not be uncalled for, in order to keep the juniper in line with the other standard median junipers, so that drivers are not distracted from their consumer errands. In 2009, anyway, it still stands, a bit of Arizona, a bit precarious in its independence and off-beat existence, balanced between northbound and southbound. Something so pure and fun may not last, once the officials start thinking about it. Here's hoping they continue to overlook the little juniper with the star on top. Maybe their tolerance for the offbeat would be increased if they would just Get up and Go ride.

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