Saturday, November 21, 2009

Confirmation of the need for garage and workshop

Hey, if I had a workshop and garage, not only would I have a place to store the bikes out of the way, but could also put the bikes to other uses. Three bikes per 500 square feet sounds like just about the correct ratio, but shows 2D thinking. When you go vertical and look at it as bikes per cubic foot, you open up options like wall hooks, ceiling hoists, designated areas, or weird and stunningly expensive bucket-like devices. With the third dimension and the right gadgets, one bike per 800 cubic feet sounds about right. On the other hand, eventually your living space my start to resemble an old house converted to a bike shop run by an acquisitive savant with a secret organizational method. The good news is, no matter how many bikes you accumulate, the excessive mass will eventually work itself out. Going directly to the garage/workshop stage seems more efficient. But always lock them up, or else. Get up. Go ride.

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