Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Street: From Emptiness to Fullness

On Sundays we fill the streets

I was hoping to catch a bunch of cyclists riding south by the flower power median, and my hope was fulfilled. They were waiting for the light, so I waited for them waiting for the light, and wanted to snap them near the flower power median, for the blog.

Not exactly what I pictured, but you can see the flowers and saguaros, and cyclists

Most rides, I reflect. I meditate a little. I pray a little, sometimes, too, but I admit that meditating or praying while riding is an iffy proposition at best, from a safety perspective, but also from the point of view of experiencing the ride fully, and, to be honest, I am not very good at doing two things at the same time, and that includes trying to meditate and ride simultaneously. I end up riding in a spirit of meditation / prayer, or settling into simplistic and repetitive mantra-like practice, if anything. Mainly I just spin, though, and enjoy the ride, and the day, and the moments.

The canal was filled with these, hundreds of them

A Spring when our rivers are richly full of water and flotsam

Bike rides, I have found, are not a time for intense brain work of either a rational or spiritual bent, not sustained, anyway. I try to let go of too much of either, and just ride: I am neither skeptical of the ride, nor overly spiritual about it, after a while, but just riding, just in it. Which, by the end of the ride, leaves me feeling fuller. Start out empty, end up fuller. That's all I wish for.



  1. I find that cycling is a form of meditation in itself...
    I am surprised how much of the road the riders in the second image seem to be using.... We don't have the width of road over here to spread out across the road like that...

    1. You see that sometimes on weekends, with groups, starting out from the light. Less traffic, a little more "taking the lane", a little more relaxed attitude. After they cross the intersection and the bike lane starts up again, they will most likely drift back into it.

  2. My oldest daughter has a duck in her bathroom just like those. My rider surprise is different than Trevor's. What's the story in the first photo with one rider appearing to be on the sidewalk, and about to cross the intersection via the sidewalk? He seems out of sync with all the other riders.

    1. Steve, off to the right in the photo is the canal path, while the bike lane runs pretty much back to the left. He may have been coming from down from the path and ended up in that spot, or, just expanding the presence of the group as they crossed the intersection.


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