Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rush This: All of Trail 100

Trail 100 Dreamy Draw, North section. Best perspective of Phoenix.

Saturday I stepped up my Dreamy Draw Trail 100 practice riding, and rode the whole thing, west to east. From my house, depending on route and how many side trips I take, that's 25 to 30 miles of riding. The Schwalbe Racing Ralph / Nobbie Nic combo of tires that came on the bike do pretty well on the streets before and after.

First thing I noticed at the trail head was that (I think) the metal thieves struck again, and took the sign that I took a picture of several years back. I didn't take photos of these plaques thinking that I better do it before someone steals them for scrap, but that's how things work out sometimes.

Gone, just a rock there now (unless I missed it)

I needed some inspirational theme music for this ride, so as I ate a quick breakfast, I watched some of Rush's 2013 concert in Dallas: Subdivisions, YYZ, Tom Sawyer. They play and sing really well in that video, and part of the inspiration was something like, they are much older than me, they rock, I can ride rocks, YYZ, man.

A cairn of surpassing size and whiteness

Riding after rains, again, lots of loose rocks and scrappy sketchy hills. Hockey puck rocks flipping up all over the place. I know I've been posting a lot of Trail 100 lately, but it's familiar ground for me to try to wake up my mountain biking muscles and technique. It's definitely improved over the last few weeks as I learn the ways and means of this particular machine. I still have a long ways to go, but I promise some trails other than 100 will appear here soon.

Some highlights from today (other than riding Trail 100 end to end)

  • The giant white cairn in the picture above, which kind of helped orient me
  • Several horses. Welcome, equestrians!
  • Several very nice hikers and mountain bikers. Good morning to you all.
  • Tubeless tires with proper sealant suck up goathead thorns and keep on going. They are amazing. I'm just going to leave the thorns in for now, there are so many of them already after just a few rides.
  • Finding the middle ground for fiddling with the shock settings, firm for going up bigger hills, and streets, middle or open for rolling rocks or going downhill.
  • Speed and momentum are good, take the high line, ride it out, relax

Keep riding. Be open. Got to fly now.

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