Sunday, April 24, 2016

Move Lane Move, Flow Lane, Flow

Spring and time for the annual bike lane migration

In a post I consider a master stroke of blog titling,"Bike Lanes from the Far Side," I groused about engineers and/or painters who mixed up the buffer lane with the bike lane to the advantage of no one. Well, that's been remedied for some time now, so here's the documentation of the updated configuration with the cars parked in the buffer and the bike lane out where it can do some good. The same switcheroo was done on the other side, too, although the buffer is narrower, and is less parked in anyway. Which reminded me of this, or this reminded me of that:

Flowering at the edges

This Spring seems to be marked by more wild flowers growing in the cracks. It may be the sporadic and rare rain we've had so far. But they always seem to find a way, those African daisies, to open to the the sun and bees, to show off for cyclists and pedestrians who pause to admire their bold blossoms. Life sometimes is most fecund at the edges, just off the main paths and ways, in between, in zones where others zip by and don't realize the potential.


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