Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bicycle Parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Mainly daily commuters, I assume. Needed to leave some yellow cards, though.

On a recent transit through Phoenix Sky Harbor and the Sky Train station at 44th Street and Washington, I had a few minutes to have a look at the bicycle parking at this location, and to consider the multiple convenient routes and methods that connect here.

  • Light Rail
  • Phoenix Bus (has bicycle carriers on the front often)
  • Washington Street Bike Lane (straight shot downtown or Tempe)
  • Canal (check your favorite bike route mapping app)
  • Airplane
  • Uber or Lyft (don't know what their bicycle carrying policy might be, though, but may be the best way if your origin or destination happens to be Scottsdale, since public transport from here to there is scarce)
  • Car drop-off (for example in a kiss-and-ride scenario like mine)

The Sky Train appears to be used heavily by crew and airport workers. While I hung out here, I would estimate that twice as many people passing through the station were crew or employees. There were only a handful of passengers passing through on a weeknight. I didn't see anyone get on or off the two Phoenix city buses which came and went (a 1 and a 44).

Nice bike lockers (bring your own lock). Could not find out about overnight or extended usage though. Leave a comment if you know about that.

The Sky Train itself was a pleasure to use, fast, clean, and direct to the center of Terminal 4. It says it also goes to 3 but I didn't ride it that direction so can't vouch. The 44th Street terminal has some great public art to check out, too. It could be nice to lock up in one of the lockers, too, but I could not determine if there's a limit enforced for overnight or extended use, so it may be best to check that out first if you wanted to leave you bike here during a trip.

Only about half the lockers appeared to be occupied when I visited. This set near the full bike rack was full, but another set of four on the other end was nearly empty. Bring your own lock. And I wouldn't recommend flimsy combination padlocks like the ones being used in the photo, either.

Would you consider riding to a flight? Do nice facilities like this encourage that? I think I would feel better about the bike lockers, although, with a solid lock and good technique and an ugly bike, I think one would have a good survival of the fittest chance at the racks. 


  1. This is awesome! The biggest letdown however, is that it certainly seems like they are discouraging cyclists from leaving their bicycles overnight. Had I found a place where I could safely park my bicycle overnight, I would have ridden it to the airport. Oh well.

    1. That's interesting, I wonder how to find out more information. This link doesn't mention a limit on overnight parking.


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