Sunday, February 28, 2016

For Happy Attention, Beyond Dull Oblivion

Sidewalk stencil from (see next photo)

The Mobile _______ Studio, mid-description of the stencil process

People, and by people I mean all of us, whether driving, cycling, walking, strolling along the waterfront, or watching television, often seem oblivious. Unseeing. Uncomprehending. Unaware. Whether texting, or just lost inside our own heads, we often seem to miss what's going on around us. I recently read in a book by Emma Seppala I think about a study which found that people would rather administer electric shocks to themselves than sit alone in a room with only their own thoughts. Maybe these two go together, this obliviousness and this fear of our own inner universes. We have this wonderful thing called a neocortex which is supposed to set us apart and instead what it does is activate our monkey minds to leap to and fro and miss so much else actually going on both inside and out.

For example, I rode past this next thing a few times when they were setting up, and thought perhaps it was some kind of BBQ smoker. Not exactly.

BBQ glass, for blowing. Seems like that hand would get hot...

Or these next sculptures, which I saw floating out in the canal for few days. I really thought they were night-blooming sacred datura flowers. Once that thought was in my head, I was oblivious to any other interpretation.

Actually, not datura flowers, "Spiraling Droplets" by Aphidoidea.

Explanatory de-oblivinator sign

I think I need a brilliant green T-shirt that says "WAKE UP! LIFE IS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL!" With a bicycle stencil underneath. 

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