Friday, December 25, 2015

Riding in a Clear December Light

When the light catches the shiny stem just right...

The light around the winter solstice on a fine day can seem clear and pure. Refracted and reflected through falling water, it can seem positively diamond-like. With a brain still shaking off the last vestiges of a rampaging caffeine dependency--I quit drinking coffee about two weeks back--the heightened awareness and quiet streets can hit the senses with a quiet of unusual intensity. 

Wait, I quit drinking coffee? Yes, I fear my short but glory-filled coffeeneuring days are done. For I had become a coffee guzzler, a caffeine hound, and reached the point where the diminishing benefits gained from caffeine where outweighed by the fuzzy, anxious, tense, tired feeling that seemed to be increasing for the last few months. Also, the mass quantities I consumed during the day were affecting my sleep patterns at night no matter what time I cut it off. It was necessary to stop.

But my, my, caffeine cessation cold turkey is harder than it sounds. And took longer than expected. I decided to blunt the edges with one or two cups of green tea in the morning. Compared to what I was consuming, though, that's nothing, and the first three or four days were headachy and slightly sleepy (less than I expected, though). But I feel better, and most importantly, I'm sleeping MUCH better, which is huge.

Arizona Falls water splashing on my Selle Anatomica saddle. That beeswax saddle stuff does a good job.

I don't think coffee itself is bad. In moderation, or less, it's probably fine. but I had greatly exceeded moderation. Your mileage may vary. Plus, much of what I was drinking was that horrible work coffee, the type in the mystery bags, from the mass supplier brand, of unknown origin, which in itself is no doubt a bad thing to do to oneself. I wonder what percentage of that was actually even coffee.

I quit once before, twenty years ago I guess, for a short time. I remember feeling clearer after quitting. Perhaps it's the  years, the age thing, but that feeling is slower returning this time. It's there, I can see it in the distance, that opposite of over-caffeinated feeling. A quiet bike ride on a clear December afternoon kind of feeling.

I think I'm going to try meditation, next. Have fun, and peace, out there, friends.

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