Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You Must Smile at Me, Crazy World

This made me 12% happier to see

I'm reading "10% Happier" by ABC newsman Dan Harris, which I got because it's only $1.99 on Kindle now, but it's selling well and getting good reviews and seems to have the potential to make a difference. Whatever resonant magic the title did inside his head it also does in mine, I think. More importantly, the idea that the most common default mode is reactive aversion, and that we would generally be much better all around if we could change the default to responsive compassion, stuck a deep chord for me.

Once I started observing people to try to understand what their default mode might be, I saw reactive aversion all over the place. Including in myself. Upon making a conscious effort to switch to responsive compassion myself, I noticed the alterations that a different perspective and attitude naturally bring to social interactions. Thanks, Dan Harris. Let's go for a bike ride some time, and talk meditation.



  1. I try to avoid added payments for reading material beyond what I pay to support my libraries. I will se if Dan Harris is in the inventory.

    1. I paid for this one with points I earned from my employer by commuting by bicycle, so I'm with you on that.


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