Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Best Laid Plans, Future Must-dos in Barcelona

At  Montserrat Monastery, outside Barcelona. I didn't ride up there, this time

I felt car-sick on the tour bus most of the way up the twisty road, and after we passed about the third group of cyclists, which the guide felt compelled to comment on, "Too dangerous," I wanted to be cycling and not busing it up the mountain. Next time. Then I saw this trio up at the top, with that great background, and thought it would fit here on the blog. Guy in red is saying, "OK we got up here, now it's time to go the other way. Fast."

Next time, by bike. And then also this next photo, too. That goes on the must-do list, too, "ronda verda," a 73km ride that circumnavigates Barcelona. What a great trip. Must ride bicycle more next time, though.

Barcelona bike share, super-popular

La Sagrada Familia, got to back and see it when it's finished

Bike with your name on it, 7 Euros.

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