Saturday, August 22, 2015

Leave It All in the Free Box at Kennedy Meadows

The acquisition of adapter plugs has exceeded the reasonable carrying capacity

In the book and movie Wild, the main character Cheryl Strayed, who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, meets a man at a place called Kennedy Meadows who helps her understand that she is carrying way more stuff in her monstrous backpack than she really needs. He guides her to divide the stuff between what she really needs, and suggests that she can put whatever she doesn't need into the free box for other hikers, in case they might find those things useful.

Over the years of acquiring headphones, at some point, I began storing the 1/4" adapter plugs in a ziplock bag in my desk drawer, which captured my attention tonight right after watching the movie. Eight? Really? I have accumulated eight of these things?

How many 1/4" adapter plugs do I actually need? I hardly ever use one, let alone eight.

I feel like hiking the PCT some day. It's at least a possible on the bucket list. I think I'll make a necklace out of gold-plated 1/4" adapter plugs to wear on the PCT hike, to remind me not to pack too much stuff. Travel light, pack only what you'll actually need, only what you'll actually use. I that can be done in general, and in this case, specifically, without keeping eight 1/4" adapter plugs in a baggie in a desk drawer.

If some day you come across an odd, gold-looking necklace of 1/4" adapter plugs in the free box at Kenndy Meadows, you'll know I've been through that way.


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