Thursday, August 27, 2015

How High Should We Stretch, How Far Should We Go?

Quieting the voice of limits and stopping

How high should we stretch? How far should we go? Are the limits a greater force than the demands to do more? How great could we be? How much could we do? How far could we ride? How fast could we go? How happy could we be?

This voice: you should stop. You're tired. Just rest. There's no need to continue. It's too much. Close your eyes. Give in. Where does that voice come from?

Another voice: keep going. Stretch farther. Do more. Help. Give. Grow. Be. Love. Go beyond. Limits are only in the mind. Reach higher. Each day is a gift. Connect. Challenge. Listen. Strength. Where does that voice come from?

Why? Do what you can do, but how do you know what that might be if you don't try? Keep trying.


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