Sunday, July 12, 2015

A More Vivid Light by the Nighttime Shadows

Summer Sunday evenings the streets are nearly empty, and feel like mine

They are not mine, but they feel like it, these empty Sunday evening streets in the summertime. Although it's still quite hot out, once the roasting sun is set, the air gentles down to a softer feel, and the "dry heat" mantra starts to make additional sense. I hang close to the canal to feel the cooler breezes that sometimes float off it.

There's a compulsion to ride at night, alone, glancing at the lights reflecting off the canal, staring a little too long at Venus hanging up there brilliant in the sky. A light made more vivid by the nighttime shadows. As my sight grows accustomed to the night, I turn off my lights, and ride along in the darkness, running along the water. There's no time, there's all time, there's a volcano of time erupting around me, freezing me in the position of a smiling cyclist, sculpted in position for tourists to come and stare at, for all time.

Even if I don't blog for a few days to take a summer break, you can find me there, the volcanic statue of cyclist-me, down by the canal, my final expression: grinning, spinning, looking up at the stars.



  1. Like this post...first image is great....

  2. Thanks gents, I just like to ride...

  3. Gonna miss your pictures while you take your break. Enjoy the summer night riding.


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