Saturday, May 9, 2015

Peace Love Happiness Hope Bicycles

Nice chalk, tunnel wall!

Since it was a dry (5% humidity) perfect Spring day for a longer ride, I got a bit carried away and just kept riding around today. I had a scheme, an experiment, if you will, to go for a long spin on a dry mild day without carrying water, to measure my water weight loss. There are several familiar water stops along the route of my Tri-city (Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe) TCT tour, so in case I started to notice any dehydration issues, I planned to stop and tank up.

But on this glorious, mid-70s day, no issues whatever. I did 24 miles in an hour and a half, and lost just shy of 4 lbs in water weight. I expected a bit more, but that was based on previous measurements I've done in the summer, on much hotter rides, so temperature is as expected a significant factor in water weight loss. 

Along the way, I diverted to my thinking spot. I was once again drawn to it. That spot has been the location where several momentous decisions were made, but I didn't think I had one to make today. I went anyway, to see what would happen.

Once more to the thinking spot

When I arrived, it was a scene of peace and tranquility. I offered up a small prayer of peace, love, hope, and safety for all cyclists, said amen, and just sat a bit, resting and soaking it all up. Instead of making a decision for change, I thought, what about using the spot for appreciating the now, for offering thanks for the right-here. So I did that, too, and it felt just right. Then the model drag boats cranked up, and that was just right, too.

A model drag boat ripping through the water making a tremendous racket

I flipped the camera selector to SPORTS mode to force a faster shutter, but it wasn't exactly brilliant sunshine, so it was hovering around 1/500th--enough to slow the boats down quite a bit, but not enough to totally freeze them stock still. I considered fiddling with the settings more, but this photo seemed good enough for blog.

Suddenly out of nowhere

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of Hawaiian shirt-wearing (some leis too) cyclists appeared. It was such a nice day for riding, they seemed perfectly natural to me. In fact, there should have been thousands of them out there, rather than a dozen, to match the riding perfection that was the day. Perhaps they were a party on wheels. I wished them all Peace Love Happiness Hope Bicycles, and rode on home.

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