Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nightacin: for Summer Desert Cycling, Take 1 Daily

Take only as directed

When summer comes around, the hundred degree Phoenix days, although they have their charms (less people! empty trails!), commonsense dictates earlier, or later, rides, with later usually winning out with me. 

Flying along the canal at night. I go way, way back with that. An early mountain bike, a Huffy I think, and not a bad bike really, with a 2D cell dim headlight. Way back. 3x6 18 speeds I think. More of the canal bank has pavement now, and lights, but still, I love the darker gravel sections. Something about that sound at night. The water running, the cool-warm-dry air, the occasional thousand Mexican free-tailed bats running along with me, very few other people. 

Tonight was all right. A good night.


  1. Hi John, like you I'm going to have to adapt my riding schedule here in Tucson to accommodate the hot temperatures during the middle of the day. I don't particularly like getting up very early, but that's probably the best bet. I'm not especially comfortable riding at night on the streets even with lighting on my bike. One place I enjoy riding a lot here is the Rillito River Park, but unfortunately it's closed after sundown (although many people are walking on the paths after dark). It would be nice if Pima County would keep part of the River Park open at night, but that's just not in the works..

    1. I used to range a lot farther, a lot more places, at night, but have gotten a bit more careful and hesitant. Now I stick with familiar and quiet areas with little traffic, and generally well-lit and/or safe canal paths. As I commute every day, I do seem to get acclimated to the heat, too. Early in the morning has its advantages, but I have this work thing going on that makes it more likely that I'm just to tired to do it then.

  2. We have the same situation and the same solution here in Miami. I never get tired of the sight of Miami's glittering highrises seen from the causeways to Key Biscayne or Miami Beach.


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