Saturday, May 2, 2015

Minor Scenes from a Sharaonic Legacy

Recently discovered by the OSG Institute of Street Anthropology Exploration team: sharrows on Osborn Rd

Let my people ride. In the days of the sharrows, there were sometimes signs painted on roads which encouraged cyclists and motorists to share the Way. On quiet streets with calm minds, this often worked well, although on busy roads with harried participants it sometimes got tricky, the Way less certain. 

A little farther west on Osborn, black paint is erasing the evidence of the age of the sharrows

But, as with everything, over the years the sands of time slowly blow across these ancient signs, gradually fading the memories of the age of sharrows. As fade the sharrows, so drift the days of our lives...

Then, when Osborn intersects with 40th Street, one can also witness the fading remnants of a greenish bike box, which is being bleached by the Arizona sun, and fading under the constant passage of unseeing tires.

One riding past blotted out sharrows might be surprised to see the extant bike box along the Way

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