Friday, January 30, 2015

The Ducks Were Laughing

There's been a lot of this lately. AZ Canal near 60th Street, where the pavement ends/starts.

It's Super Duper Mega Epic Sports Event weekend here in Phoenix, and to welcome everyone to the Valley of the Sun, we've served up some gray, rainy days. Against the advice of others who may not ride bikes in the rain ever, I continued commuting by bicycle, which was no big deal. Put on a rain coat, carry some dry clothes in the waterproof bag just in case it pours, no problem.

Lately, I've been adding about two bonus miles onto my commute, just to get a little more exercise. It's a nice paved stretch along the canal. It's a good place to get a few extra minutes of exercise in, to burn a few more calories, to think things over, etc. On the ride home, though, it was getting cooler, and the ducks in the canal seemed to be laughing at me for willingly spending more time out there.

Laugh it up, waterproof funny guy

That's OK. I guess I deserve it. The ducks appeared to be enjoying the unusually wet weather, splashing around, flapping up on their legs and making a general party-like duck ruckus. With all the Super Duper Mega Epic Sporting Event Related Gatherings and Excuses to Drink Excessively going on, I was a little wary about riding on the streets. There are already some clearly drunk people swerving around out there. But, I stayed mainly to back streets and the canal, and everything went fine. I did notice that the TV people looked a little dejected in the rain:

The break in the clouds closed up again fast. I wonder if they know the Super Bowl is a fun ride about 25 miles down the canal from here.

I think the media showed up here expecting to see crowds of fans carousing in a drunken pre-game frenzy. Instead, there were just some dedicated cyclists and some tarp-covered vendor booths, along with a few hardcore visitors, probably from Seattle anyway, who felt that this gentle drizzle was nothing to stay inside for. 

I don't think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite a while

The TV people looked like they were waiting for the rain to let up, but eventually when it became clear that the gentle ripping drizzle was going to continue, they shut it down, packed it up, and went back to their own preferred indoor drinking locations, to join the multitudes partying already in progress. I saw my favorite local weather woman here once this week, and kept thinking she would come back, but it seemed, perhaps, that the weather kept the weather girl away.

I kind of hope it rains hard all weekend. In the desert, we can always use it, but more than that, it would be great to come back here early Sunday evening to see if the ducks are watching the Super Duper etc. Epic Event on the big screen. I bet they would still be laughing.


  1. Much as I personally dislike cloudy, rainy days (even though I do know, of course, that we NEED it), there is some humor to be found in the timing.

    1. I kind of like our punctuated weather pattern, long periods of warm-to-hot punctuated by cooler or wetter. As compared to weeks of cold gray dreary, which I grew to dislike after experiencing them for years and felt like the gray had seeped into my soul.


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