Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Become What You See, Hear, Touch

Phoenix sunset, Monday December 8

We are what we experience. Genes plus life = self. The sum total of what you have witnessed is what you are.

See more, be more, feel more. What you touch becomes what you feel. Stop, look, listen, exist.

Whenever you feel like it. Not constrained by a metal box, a traffic light, a curb, an arrow, but rather whenever, wherever, whatever you feel like feeling, stop and feel it. Sense it. Make it you.

In summer the path-side icebox would be divine. I've been in this spot when it was 117°F and reaching into this cooler to scoop up a handful of ice cubes to run over my skin would be a moment of remaking of the self, a reinvention, an eye-opener.

I remember

From their shuttered web site, it would appear that the company responsible for the Zero Per Gallon stickers is No More, at a time when they continue to be relevant. We are fuel ruled there's no mistaking it. Truthfully I don't see a way around it let alone The Way Around It, but be aware that we are there, in it, living the era of high population and the cheap energy it depends upon, as the direction of your awareness (focus) also affects who you are and therefore what you do. It can be pulled in by a sticker on a fixie. For example.

The food you eat also becomes you. The food we eat is shipped around the world on cheap energy. The salmon I ate last night was caught off Seattle, shipped to China, deboned there, and shipped back. That protein is being converted to muscle and energy of me even as I type. The people at work who refuel their thirsty vehicles on the way into the office bring the gas station with them. 

We are this. I would rather be the sunset. Become it by pedaling fervently down that westward trending path.


  1. Nice post as always. That sunset pic is stunning. Pedaling west it is; you've got me completely on board.

    1. That sunset moment lasted about a minute until it faded. A bicycle, alas, is not fast enough to chase sunsets at my latitude. You would have to be north of even you to do that. But, I took a photo and rested it here on the blog, which reminds me of it.


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