Saturday, December 20, 2014

Resolved: Ride More, Lay in the Grass and Look Up at the Clouds

The crucial follow-up task to the primary 2015 resolution

Once again, we find ourselves near the concluding end of one year, looking ahead to the next. As tradition and convention dictate, after due consideration of the year now rapidly fading in the square silver of my helmet mirror, I have formulated the following goal, or resolution, to undertake in the year ahead:

RESOLVED: in 2015, I will ride the bicycle even more than I did in 2014. In addition, I will set aside time to lay in the grass and stare up at the clouds.

Of such hard-nosed resolutions is success forged. The analysis behind such promises is key both to understanding their necessity and origins, as well as in cementing the resolve to accomplish them, no matter how challenging. This particular analysis, performed during an otherwise pointless and goal-less bicycle ride, and clarified while laying in the grass in a park staring up at the clouds, was motivated by the strong feeling that riding more would be better, and fortified by the sensation that staring up at the clouds is a self-evident Good. That was the Genesis, if you will, of this particular resolution. Once formed, though, such ideas must be pondered for resolve to set in. So, 

Parking at a Pondering Place

I rode over to a Pondering Place, a quiet bench next to the Arizona Canal, to mull over the resolution carefully: 
  • Was it conceived with a True Heart? 
  • Was it based on Sound Analysis? 
  • Is its motivation both Pure and Good? 
  • Will its faithful execution likely lead to Good Results? 
  • Do the whispering waters of the Arizona Canal have any powerful counter arguments?
  • Does it fit in with my other goals and desires?
  • Does a dream made real change the world for the better?

What Jellies in the Sky, Cactii in the Water look like in daylight, while pondering

These bullet point items due not have quick, or easy, or simple, answers. In the asking, they almost compel long rides, and lazy, luxuriant cloud-staring, a mood something like an afternoon bubble bath, or, self-referentially, recursively, a long, mid-winter bike ride on a warm Arizona afternoon.

Sometimes our thoughts get stuck. In cycles, in ways, in words and stories that we tell ourselves, over and over. I'm using that. It's my method of applying the stuckness to something positive. My goal is to get stuck in pondering the clouds, thinking about peace and forgiveness, about compassion and tolerance, on long focused bike rides, over and over again. The plan is that this will stick and become a way, or state, or mode, rather than an event or a choice. Also, that getting stuck in that story would crowd out other, less nurturing, less positive possible places to be stuck in. 

Bicycles, parks, grass, and clouds are the tools for the successful accomplishment of my 2015 resolution. Time to ride to accomplish the work ahead.


  1. should I send along some sunscreen?

    1. I'm a pretty demanding sunscreen consumer: it has to NOT run into my eyes and burn them, it can't irritate my somewhat sensitive skin, it should last a decent amount of time during activity in the heat, and it should do a good job of blocking the sun. If it includes a decent moisturizer, and doesn't smell like sunscreen, even better. Oh, and should be easy to apply effectively. This narrows down the field considerably.

  2. Bicycles, parks, grass and clouds about cover things...


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