Friday, December 26, 2014

Once There Was a Bike Rack Here

Goldwater and 5th Ave in Scottsdale, there used to be a bike rack here*

I think there used to be a bike rack here. It was an unusual type, but I'm not sure I ever took a photo of it. Possibly I did and just lack the detailed historical filing system that would permit me to find it. Which, all things considered, may be a positive thing.

I think I used this rack perhaps three times, ever. I don't think it played a major part in my transportation planning. I just wonder. Why was it removed? If it was removed officially, why did they bend over the bolts, instead of just cutting them off?

Probably not the cleanest way to deal with this, or to create a parking space

I suppose the world won't miss this old rack much. Sometimes, though, I just wonder. Time marches on, and sometimes, things just slip away silently, without a clear story, and without anyone noticing. I noticed. But, I don't know the story.

Addendum: after tirelessly searching the OSG photo archives, I found it.

*33.49706057996207,-111.9307816028595 got to love the precision of that Location feature


  1. Replies
    1. Not attached to one specific business. It might be a city lot, or, private, it's hard to tell. It's free to park here.


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