Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Stress? Bike Ride!

Season's Greetings from Scottsdale's Aluminum Horsemen of the Deluge

Apparently, I've been riding my bike around in a timeless daze because it's been a full three years since I stopped by Scottsdale Watermark and propped my yellow fixie up on the pedestal to snap a pic with the wreathed equus.

I've been detecting, in the people around me as well as online, the occasional symptoms of holiday stress. I get it, sometimes I feel it myself. My usual recommended remedy is a long bike ride. It always seems to help.

Stopped by Push Button for Horseshoe Fountain, too

But if the bike ride doesn't do it, I suppose there's always travel.*

Also, sleep, Which I probably should be doing instead of writing a blog post. One more bus stop quote.

*Although if any of the stress relates to not having bought gifts yet, it may be more effective to stop procrastinating and go and buy the gifts. You could ride a bike to do that, too, however.

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