Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday We'll Find a Way

Arizona Canal, November Riding Weather

Wednesday, middle day, let's meet on our common ground, learn from each other, and finish the week stronger thru ongoing dialogue. This may not come naturally to either of us. This tolerance, this listening, this compromise, but keep your mind open, here in the center of the week, teetering at the peak having just ridden up, ready to ride downhill the rest of the week. 

Let's say this thing comes up. Something difficult. A new challenge. Here's what I think, Wednesday: let's look at the options we have which let us look at this challenge as an opportunity. Or if that's too sunny for too dark a thing, let's be real: let's find a way. Rather than stopping before we start, let's decide on a first step and take it. Then use that one-step-forward position as a new perspective on the challenge, from which we'll take one more step. Each time, thinking: we'll find a way.

Every day, each sunrise, a new chance to find a way. Thank you, Wednesday!

Sometimes the Wednesday way is indirect, but down a lovely trail

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