Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Can't Run

Tuesday came after me...

Tuesday came after me and expected me to run. Instead, I stood my ground. Maintained my optimism, my clearness of purpose, my equanimity and balance, and stared Tuesday down. Suddenly, in the face of my resolve and steadfastness, Tuesday turned tail. Turned tail and ran. 

But I gave chase. Tuesday would not get away so easily. I followed across the distance, closed with Tuesday as the hours wore on, until I caught up. I had a word with Tuesday. A firm, direct, reasonable word. And you know what? Tuesday and I worked it out, and went on with our lives.

Yes it's a Christmas tree. Slightly off center of the red line, oh the OCD!!

Squids in the sky glowing in the night. Heart.


  1. Replies
    1. If the tree happens to move in order to be directly centered between the two pylons and bisected by the red line as it should be, the OSG Institute of Obvious and Glorious Necessary Symmetry disavows all knowledge and/or involvement.


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