Sunday, November 9, 2014

Songbird Coffeeneur #6: Color, Light, Song

Songbird Coffee and Tea, on a street being adapted for humans

Songbird may be my favorite coffee shop so far in my Phoenix Coffeeneuring 2014, and that's out of a tough field of excellent shops that I've visited. On top of the excellent coffee and hospitable staff, the shop is connected with a gallery space next door, and is surrounded by art. The interior is filled with light. One wall is a bookshelf. It's small, unhurried, conducive to conversation and community gathering. It made me want to hang out a while.

Songbird ambiance shot

It's a fifteen mile round trip bike ride for me over here, though, so I have to really want it. Sometimes, the murals pull me. Sometimes the food. Pedal Craft was here. First Fridays transform the neighborhood. It's in the heart of a zone of coffee and galleries, and the sidewalks are being widened, with better lighting, and I suspect some nice bike racks might be possible.

Maybe it was the perfect weather for bike riding: sunny, mid-eighties, light breeze. But, it just felt good to sit and sip a cappuccino at Songbird. I guess I'll have to return to see if the feeling repeats.

Bunch more photos from right outside, below. I'm not actually sure if you are meant to meditate on songbirds here, but I did: color, light, song. Interfaces, transitions, deep patterns. A calling, a gathering, something both genetic, and beautiful. A frenetic unified kettle wheeling in the dusk. Music outside my window waking me. The smell of coffee from the kitchen.

Connected gallery space

Temporary bike parking. Better maybe on the way.

These are their songbirds.

Nearby mural

Nearby mural

Nearby mural

Global map of Coffeeneuring 2014!


  1. the murals are neat! songbird seems like a cool spot. my favorite are the murals, always. thanks for sharing JRA

    1. I think the best way to understand these murals must be to stand next to one with its creator and ask them, what messages would you like to send to the city with this work?

  2. You made me miss shooting the murals, they really are such a cool addition to downtown. I didn't know that meaning of the word "kettle" until now, thanks.


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