Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sometimes It's the Short Rides

Perhaps a whirligig* contest in place of fall color competition?

Sitting/laying/moping around indoors in between obligatory tasks when it is sunny and 73°F is its own recipe for discontent. As I was explaining this to my wife, she recognized the symptoms, and directed me to go for a short bike ride. "Go," she said, "The sunshine and fresh air will do you good," and I recognized the truth and wisdom of her words.

Just a quick jaunt a few miles and back down the bike lane. No sooner had I hit the street and arrived at the first red light in the left turn lane, when the light turned green, and the motorist across the way waved me through. When does that happen? It must have been something in the sunshine and warm, easy air counteracting the shopping frenzy and urgent transport happening all around me. What do you call the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, particularly since both have seemed to bleed into this one day, Schizo Sunday? My expectations were altered by her single act, however. I waved, smiled, and rode on.

The air was dead still, else there would be a video of this magnificent beast right here

The whirligig, the warm sunshine, and the woman who waved me through a left turn, that's really all I have to report about this short ride. But, somehow, that seems like enough. When things don't seem quite in balance, sometimes it's the short rides that set them straight.

Here, do this.

*I wanted to contact the authorities to protest the spelling, which should clearly be "whirlygig", but the authorities were unavailable, apparently out for a bike ride or some similar worthy pursuit.

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  1. Whirligig is far and away more common, though Wikipedia also allows whirlygig. My iPad wants an "i" in the middle.


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