Saturday, November 1, 2014

No Cog Logs, No Chain Ring Checklists

So much better. If nothing else, I had to post this photo to overcome the previous post's ugly jammage

I guess it's been a couple years since I replaced the cogs on the commuter bike, and I've never replaced the chain rings. I say "I guess" because I don't keep a log, and the main documentation I have is a post from four years ago that was two cog sets ago. Back around the time I tossed around the idea of starting a maintenance log. Which I never did.

The miles and the wear they induce in parts serves as its own log for me. I fix it when it needs it, or in this case, a little bit later than that. I had the NOS Biopace chain rings, a new chain, and a new set of cogs in my parts box, so off with the old, on with the new! I must be living right because the new drive train required no derailleur adjustment after installation. My theory about replacing with the same/similar parts held true, in this case.

Regarding the breaking loose of old chain ring bolts, two words: penetrating oil. That stuff is magic.

Computer designed! Hot late 80s marketing text.

I take photos during the work in case I need to figure out how something goes... chain ring spacers. Would love to have a chat with the guy who thought up those.


  1. I keep a log, which I find helps with how long parts last, or don't last, etc. or just for curiosity. Plus, with four bikes, it refreshes my mind. I don't log what I do on my kids' bikes however. Maintenance on theirs is minimal.

    I went through replacing chain rings about year ago. And yes, spacers? Who thought up those? I removed the bolts rather effortlessly, but replaced them with grease, which apparently was a big no no. Also, I didn't realize chain rings have to face a certain way...another trip to the bike shop! I commend you for your patience and documentation (wish Id thought of that!)

    I'd love to see a picture of the entire bike when put back together. I forget which one is your commuter bike.

    1. anniebikes I checked both Barnett's manual and Park Tool Big Blue Book and both recommend thread locker or lubrication for chain ring bolts--Barnett's says thread locker on aluminum bolts and oil on steel ones, Park Tool just says thread locker or lubrication. I still have trouble sometimes removing chain ring bolts even with the tool to hold the backside so thread locker doesn't appeal to me--I used grease. I'll check that they are still tight a week from now and then consider them good. I commute on Yasuko (my Fuji) and if I go ahead with the handlebar change I'm thinking about I'll post photos soon. I put a more upright set of bars on my Trek 950 and I am starting to get used to situp cycling.

  2. Replies
    1. On that first day, you want to keep them like that always.


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