Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lux Coffeebar Coffeeneur #5: You Shelter in this Light

Lux Coffeebar across Central Ave + Light Rail in PHX: beneath the focusing lens

Once at Mt Rainier after hiking in the snow all day we gathered our soaked-through shivering selves in front of the raging fireplace in the Paradise Lodge. The feeling of sheltering from the weather, in a place with people and light, inside, in front of the fire, was primal. Lux Coffeebar felt a little like that today: you come in from outside, it's crowded but quiet, the light is subdued, and the casual couches and seating feels casual and welcoming.

Lux is busy, popular, hopping. I waited in line to put in my order, but they served it fast. Good cappuccino, good foam. Good place to shelter your mind, to sit a bit and consider the depths of a cup of coffee. Photos follow.

Light rail passing in front of the Lux Coffeebar building

This light. Right here. You lock your bike and rest your soul to shelter right here.

Tasty Cap w/ bike shoe

Lux ambiance shot. So much duct work.

One place to park bikes out back. There's a more formal rack out front, popular with motorcycles, apparently.

Phoenix bike share program station, Grid Bikes, almost done!

You shelter where you find it (along the canal path near Lux Coffeebar)

I love that coffeeneuring 2014 has gone global. There's a map that we're all updating with our locations, and I love a good map. Today's coffeeneuring ride was 11.4 miles.


  1. I'm going to add Lux to our list of places to stop when we're next in your area. Sounds like a good place, even though it looks like the bike parking could be better. Also, so glad you're updating the Destinations Map. I'm getting addicted to it!

    1. Lux is a full service place with food and a bar, too. For coffeeneuring-2014 I'm focusing on the coffee products. On a hungry ride some time, though, I'll definitely try out some of their food. The destinations map is great, I'm glad New England Bicyclist put it together.


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