Saturday, November 15, 2014

Echo Coffeeneur #7: Where we coffeeneur echoes in Eternity

Conclusion of my Coffeeneuring 2014 rides

For the final ride of my entries in the Coffeeneuring 2014 Challenge, I chose Echo Coffee, a 12.5 mile round trip. Immediately upon entering Echo I noticed how hard everyone there seemed to be working. Yes, the baristas were hopping, but I mean the patrons: everyone, except one lady at the bar, had laptops open and papers spread across the table. I felt a little out of place without a laptop to work on, or at least some papers to spread out to look busy and full of purpose.

Convenient staple rack bike parking

Echo ambiance shot. The woman in the yellow sweater was the only person I saw there without a laptop

Echo is another place that takes coffee and roasting very seriously. From their web site, "For straight espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino drinkers, the default choice is a single origin El Salvador Bourbon. This amazing coffee is so round, complete, and complex it belies the fact that it is a single origin coffee. The crema is sweet and thick, like chocolate butter, yet it presents a wonderful brightness and berry fruit flavor as well."

The cappuccino in question

Coffeeshops with Bridgestones parked out front always are good

The coffee was good, with flavors more on the subtle and complex end rather than on the deep and assertive end. It seemed like what you would want to sip during an afternoon of working on your laptop with papers spread across the table.

This wraps up my Coffeeneuring 2014 Challenge rides. It's the first time I've finished. I enjoyed both the idea of it, and the actuality, of looking for good coffee shops to ride to, going to them, snapping some pictures, blogging a few words. I've tried some places I haven't been before, and found some new go-to shops when I want a fine cup of coffee combined with a bike ride. There were several that I didn't get to try yet, but there's always Coffeeneuring 2015!

As for the title of this post, I thought about the name of the shop, and the movie quote came to mind. I was thinking, if for some reason someone a hundred years from now wants to find out what was Coffeeneuring in the year 2014, and what was I doing on this day, I think I want them to read these seven posts. Humans landed a space ship on a comet this week. I coffeeneured to Echo Coffee. A lot of the other things from this week, well, I hope the echoes of them fade quickly. 

Global map of Coffeeneuring 2014!


  1. encountering people like the woman in the yellow sweater, are the best.
    acknowledging you with a simple nod. or even a smile in return sometimes, makes my day.
    enjoying plenty all the coffee shop reviews. thx for sharing.

    1. meli, I feel a strong motivation to get a mac book air, ride back to Echo, and sit there all day working on my opus while sipping those capps. It may be best at night, when the energy works to keep you awake, and you carry that momentum with you each time you return.


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