Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bike Posters: So Many Questions

Framing, mounting, hanging, choosing...

My daughter went to San Francisco and brought me back a French bicycle poster as a gift. She knows what I like, I guess. It's not an expensive poster, rather thin and mass-produced, but I like the contents, and was touched by the gesture.

I decided to get an inexpensive frame for it, which seemed appropriate, given that the poster itself was inexpensive. There was an attractive wooden frame of the correct size, but it was $50, and that seemed like an unnecessary mismatch between poster and frame. So I got a cheap one, which was an inch too wide on each side, but the sheet inside the frame had a black background, so I thought I would just center the poster and go with that.

Unfortunately, the poster itself is thin enough that you can partially see through it to some of the writing on the poster sheet. That's why I am shining the flashlight on it, above, to try to see how bad it is. Maybe not that bad. Just barely visible inside the main triangle of the red bike, and not that noticeable, I decided. But, on the other hand, not very pleasing to the perfectionist in me.

But, it reminded me how complex, almost convoluted, and definitely possibly expensive, mounting and framing a poster properly can get. I got a David Lance Goines poster from Rivendell, and it looks pretty sharp in an inexpensive frame. But, I think that's because the poster itself is on heavy stock, and is exactly the right size for the frame. Unless I get all perfectionist again, and decide that it needs to be matted, and mounted in a larger frame.

I think posters need to be mounted properly so that they don't take on that "stuck to the dorm room wall with that sticky clay stuff" look. On the other hand, the potential for overdoing it also exists--how much time, effort, money, and scrutiny is warranted? Is professional matting, mounting, and framing the way to go? If so, where do I go to get bicycle posters fine enough to deserve the deluxe treatment? Once I decide the dorm room stick to the wall with clay is no longer sufficient, how far do I take it?



  1. As you note, balance between the poster and the mounting/frame is important.

    1. Am I doomed if I try to dress up a cheaper poster with a more expensive mounting and frame? They should match, I think.

  2. I think it would make your daughter proud to see that poster hung properly.
    Just sayin


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