Friday, October 17, 2014

Dusty Dusk: I light the lights, I hold my breath

One guy with one leaf blower sure can make some massive billowy clouds of dust

I saw his dust clouds long before I saw the man. Far ahead, billowing up to the tops of the trees, I thought: I will hold my breath when I ride through there. What happens is, even at a normal steady pace and breathing easy, upon reaching the cloud and actually holding the breath, the importance of a steady flow of oxygen-containing atmosphere to the lungs during aerobic activity becomes rapidly apparent.

At a steady commuting pace, it's not easy for me to hold my breath for more than ten or fifteen seconds, and afterwards, I feel the deficit. But it's better than breathing in lungfuls of that stuff, I'm pretty sure. Some of the blower guys pause when they see cyclists approaching, which is nice/kind of them.

The lights are on, the quest to see and to be seen continues

The lights have become a requirement for the ride home as the daylight hours grow shorter. The Phillips Saferide LED light is still my favorite for commuting, for many of the reasons I mentioned in that initial overview I wrote. It's nearly time for a follow-up user experience write-up. Only thing I don't like is the blue battery power remaining indicator on the top, which is just too bright, and will likely become covered with some black tape with small holes in it soon. Its engineered beam shape and brightness remain its outstanding characteristics. Battery life is very good running on the normal (not the bright) setting, and the switch seems to have broken in a little, since it turns on and off reliably and easily, but not accidentally. 

And drivers notice it: on tonight's commute, two drivers entering from the right paused rather than cutting out in front of me because they saw me, while one oncoming SUV driver turning left stopped short of cutting me off because he also saw the light in plenty of time. I really appreciate that, after experiencing the contrasting SMIDSY nighttime cutoffs coming in from the right, and turning left in front of me.

That's it, week. Weekend, I'm yours, send me on bike trips wherever you wish.

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