Thursday, May 15, 2014

Work-Buy-Obey v. Play-Make-Imagine

Work/Play, Buy/Make, Obey/Imagine

Television advertising inclusive of product placements is approaching the 75% of air time metric necessary to ensure continued unnecessary consumption. The potent combination of fear-news and insecurity-nurturing is a promising technique of amplifying anxiety-driven purchases, augmented by pervasive interruptive personal device interaction. With average total cost of ownership for private automobiles approaching 20% avg yrly income (operating costs at four times acquisition costs), discretionary purchases of alternative transport will seem out of reach due to the sunk costs fallacy. Citizen metadata monitoring and analysis is in place to ensure WBO compliance. Impending implantation of a free device* that tweets out dreams in real-time in exchange for agreeing to permit the implantation of subliminal subconscious messages of the WBO** family. The closer your thoughts adhere to the WBO norm and/or earn frequent shopper points on your value cards along with certification of working the required shifts with discipline on schedule, the more you will experience Direct Pleasure Stimulation (DPS***) by the WBO device, which sends indescribably pleasurable sensations coursing throughout you just for conformance to WBO code.

It's Bikes vs. Bike-nots over here

The bike-nots have driven off in clouds of potent exhaust headed to the big box store to stock up on corn chips, corn dip, corn-fed meat analogue, corn dogs, corn-sweetened soft drinks, corn alcohol, and corn. The bikes have gathered at a nondisclosed but well-known location to go for a late-springtime ride along the river. Picnic lunches, coffee, books, blankets, silverware, plates, wine, musical instruments, kites, poetry, painting supplies, assorted materials akin to various craft supplies including but not limited to crayons and random stryofoam packing materials, charcoal pencils and Blackwing pencils and deep black Sharpies, and small gifts for one another have been packed into backpacks, panniers, handlebar bags, and yes not a few plastic bags hanging from handlebars because the other bags were full.

Cycling attire of all manner shape and form is apparent, along with all manner of non-cycling attire including dresses, skirts, fedoras, wool, tweed, mucklucks, Wellingtons, and sandals. The destination is either the beach or the meadow in the trees or both. The loose approximate semi-agreed upon plan is to ride and ride until they should not ride any more, and then stop in either place where they will devote an uncertain period of time to play, poetry, and imagination. With sufficient attention paid to eating and drinking. Then, when it seems indeed right and salutary, they will break open the various craft supplies and encourage each other to make something new and heretofore unseen, there beneath the leaves in the meadow in the hills, or in the sand at the beach next to their bicycles,

*device free for first twelve months, then $9.95 per month, subject to 36 month contract, usage fees and taxes extra. targeted ads will be placed.
**Work Buy Obey, inspirational, advertorial, political
***DPS is self-adjusting and calibrating, so that as mind becomes accustomed / numb, the power and specific brain targets are increased hundreds or thousands of times, as needed to continue achieve the desired result of positive reinforcement for WBO-compliant thoughts, feelings, and impulses.


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