Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Was Good With the Traffic Across the Lake

A steady stream of vehicles across the water

A steady stream of traffic flowed on the busy street across the lake. The rumble of tires on pavement blended with the sounds of engines revving and decelerating up to the light, but the sound was muted by the trees, the breeze, and the steady splashes and calls of the birds in the water, and in the trees behind me.

Over on my side

Over on my side, the cormorants and ducks splashed and dove in the shallows for food. Dragonflies flickered around my head. Nine out of ten people who passed on the path on my side were cyclists. Couples on cruisers, shoppers on el cheapos with plastic bags dangling from handlebars, hardcore kitted up mountain bikers, a road bike or two. My fixie sprawled like me on the grass just being in the sun.

Twine shellac bars in the sun, ready for a new coat, soon, anyway

At that distance, with the buffer of water, birds, and dragonflies, I was comfortable with the muted traffic across the lake. The planet turned and the vehicles over there flowed. On my side, I took out a scrap of paper, and scribbled something on an old membership card holder.

That's a very skilled rendering of a dragonfly up there

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