Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Who Bungee the Trunk Bag

Relaxing beside the lake, a beautiful lugged frame...hey wait, bungee around the trunk bag?

I came here to acknowledge that I, too, have been known to bungee a trunk bag or two. I could say it was because I was carrying stuff on top of the bag and wanted to hold it firmly, or that I have it just in case I find something larger that needs to be bungeed down for transport home. A plausible excuse would even be that without it, the bag tends to rattle or bounce a bit, so I add the bungees to keep it still and quiet. No one likes a rattle; no one likes the gratuitous bouncing bag.

But I have a hunch that it's actually just there for backup. Extra. A second layer of fastening, in case the first fastening system fails. Once something like this happens:

Results of my leather u-lock carrier test: primary attachment failure!
You tend to want to have a backup fastening system in place just in case the primary fails. I wanted to nod knowingly at the guy, and share a moment of mutual recognition: ah yes, the extra fastening system, a backup if you will. But we who bungee the trunk bag, we also like our tail lights to face straight backwards and not at the ground, or up at the sky. But that's nothing that a little bungee adjustment couldn't make right.


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