Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toward a World with More Flowers and Bicycles

Through the billion flowers we rode, onwards, together, in our thousands

On my Sunday ride, I must have seen a billion flowers and a thousand bicycles. As often happens on my rides, a single overpowering thought kept echoing through my head: if we could turn rage into positive exuberance, anger into positive enthusiasm, frustration into love for what we're doing and who we're going it with, we would change the world. They will know us by our enthusiasm, see us by our exuberance, mark us for our love of what we're doing and who we're doing it with. Monday is tomorrow, and it's an opportunity to do this:
  • be enthusiastic about what you're doing;
  • be exuberant about doing it well and about completing the job;
  • fall in love with what you're doing and who you're doing it with.

Carbon fiber marked with African daisy pollen. You don't see that on a bike blog every day. Love it.

Can you imagine? I can, and it is marvelous. Sunday, thinking this while riding, it may have been the billions of flowers and thousands of bicycles that put me into that train of thinking, and if so, let it be: more flowers, more bicycles, fill the planet with bright colors and people riding bicycles in sunshine with doggies in their baskets, smiles on their faces, along wandering paths of no specific destination in mind, unhurried, unmeasured, unlogged, but colored with a remarkable enthusiasm, an infectious exuberance, a contagious love for what they're doing and who they're doing it with that flows onto the rest of the actions, and actors, of our lives. Let's do it!

Roadrunner along my ride. His beauty and boldness inspired me.

This thought also followed the others: in the end it may not be the fame or fortune we get, but rather the enthusiasm we share, the exuberance we show, and the love of what we're doing and who we're with that really matters. Those are they kind of rare flowers that do not show up often enough in our lives, do they? To encounter another person truly into what they're doing; caught up in the flow of their own focused enthusiasm and exuberance that they boundlessly pour into the task and job; powered onwards by the visible love for what they're doing and who they're doing it with. There are not enough of those people in the world, are there? We don't run into them often enough, do we?

What if we were those people ourselves?

More flowers. More bicycles. More bicycle riding. Tomorrow is Monday, and nothing is stopping us from being that change that we wish for. Think of how that would impact you if someone you encounter was doing that, and then turn it around: think of how you will affect others if you do it, be it, yourself. That was the thinking on Sunday's ride, and I think I like it.

A new stretch of path for bicycles, a new place to love what you're doing, to be enthusiastic about doing it.

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