Monday, February 17, 2014

Microdwelling in the House of Bike: Scottsdale Connector Path Pt.1

These. Everywhere. A perfume like black pepper vanilla.

When I read about the connection of the Indian Bend paths with paths to West World, I knew I had to go and ride them as soon as possible. A warm, near record heat long Sunday afternoon presented itself, and I rode. Then, on departing OSG Global HQ, word of an event going on at the Shemer called Microdwell 2014, w/ food trucks.

It sounded very likely that I could carry myself away on a 40 mile bike ride, then top it off with tiny houses and Short Leash hotdogs.

If you moved the hot dog truck next to one of these microdwellings, put me inside building stuff related to bicycles, and surrounded it with flowers and mountains like the ones featured on the blog recently, you could sum up how I wish life to be.

This post is a bit photo-heavy, and it's only part one. It's a show don't tell type scenario.   

Seriously, these rendered the path redolent with pepper-vanilla

Junction. Signage. Sunshine. Bicycles. Architecture and hotdogs 30 miles ahead.

Native trees staged for path enhancement

An established native tree, providing the type of path shade that is heaven on a summer day

New (I believe) underpass. McDowell mountains in the distance

Scottsdale Arabian library, near the turnaround point. Striking desert steel architecture. Put my microdwelling here.

Turned around here, now looking for a shady bench near drinking water to refill and refuel

Ahhhhh. Water, shade, mountains, quiet. This spot. From here head south to microdwellings and hotdogs.

New-to-me fuel, chocolate cherry shot bloks with caffeine. Tasty, but I would like more electrolytes in them.

Construction zone in the new path connection zone

Existing path art which still delights

Consistent path signage providing useful information. This is getting serious.

I believe me and Mrs Alpha would park one of these next to the microdwelling

Igby Brat, Mexican Coke, at the Shemer. Part 2 with microdwellings, coming up

Heading out to West World, then looping back to the Shemer, or continuing southward for the full pull to Tempe Town Lake, may become a new standard route for me. If it could be arranged to park a Short Leash truck along the way, with a couple of local coffee shops, it might make me get really carried away with riding. 

Part 2 with the microdwellings up next.


  1. Glad to see one connector sends you into a bike riding eating frenzy. Comparing your flowers with our snow bound state is quite the dichotomy.

    Pedal on forever.

    1. Thanks anniebikes. By the way, this ride initially fueled with Coach's oats mixed with extra-crunchy peanut butter, with a few peanuts thrown in.


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