Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Relatively Nice Commute

Arizona Canal Path

Quiet, little to no traffic, in comparison to many other large cities in the world, particularly in developing nations, where the streets are jammed with honking, smoking vehicles. I dodge and dance between the cars that are here on the mainly back streets I ride, and we barely notice one another. The air is warm and dry, and many of us humans greet each other with a wave or a hello as we head home. I'm laughing at the pure good fortune of my ride because the ducks in the canal and I know this thing: this place, this date, this life, with room and sunshine and a clear path ahead, we are fortunate indeed to be in it, and should recognize and acknowledge this with understanding and perspective that many places are colder, more crowded, more polluted, and more hectic. I am grateful.


  1. Love the picture. Looks so serene.

  2. I've been more aware of my good fortune lately with the severe cold many of my family and friends are enduring.


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