Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Bicycle Helmet Mirror Shows the Path to Venus

The way is clear. Long ride ahead.

Venus brightens the December sky just after sunset. The alternate to using the helmet mirror as a portal to observing humans behaving badly, BOLO, is as an imagining device for inverting what's moving away behind you into a portal moving up and ahead. To the gorgeous evening sky, to the stars. I'm certain that more gear, and a significant supply of snacks and coffee, would be needed, but more than that: would I be mentally prepared for the journey? Could enough baggage be cast off to enable the trip? 

According to wolframalpha, the current distance is 35.66 million miles, or 3.2 light minutes. That means it would take me 271.39 years to ride there @ 15 mph, so, I'm looking more toward warp factors to lower that toward the 3.2 minute range. As Venus nears its closest approach to earth, this would appear to be the time to do it. The moment is right. The mirror makes it look so feasible. The deep blue sky is so inviting. Ride, dreamer, ride.

That's a Bike Peddler Take A Look mirror zip-tied to my helmet. New perspective, fresh views, added safety, etc.


  1. JRA, you have outdone yourself with that photo!

  2. Oh and don't forget to look for Jupiter in the rear view.

  3. poetic post. love the composition, equally poetic foto :)

  4. Venus is now 32.81 million miles from earth, or 2.85 million miles closer than when I posted this. This is a closing speed of approximately 27,000 mph. I think I will just wait for her to come to me.


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