Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Swiftly Runs the Canal of Delights

The barrier from "Yes I'm That Happy Cycling" still lights up, down in the water, at night.

Commuting home at night along the canal on my bicycle when it's 70 degrees, the air is still and quiet, and my lights are shining the way, is well within the zone of delight for me. Solidly in the center. Already, if nothing else happens. I'm primed, so to speak. This state makes me more likely to notice and pay attention to small things, I think. For example, that the construction barrier that's been down there in the water for weeks, at least, still lights up at night. 

I stop a moment and listen to the water. Another cyclist glides by and says hello. A pair of ducks swims exactly at current speed against the current, maintaining their position as the water flows past. The sun sets, and delight is mine.

Along the canal, in the middle of the zone of delight, spinning I am

I hit the streets, which are full of evening traffic. I merge and signal, and my lights and reflectors appear to make me visible enough. I sometimes wonder what the perception of the PDW Radbot 1000 taillight is, how people see it, what they think.

As if in answer, or explanation, or for reasons I don't know and don't matter much, a passing SUV rolled down the window, and the passenger leaned out with open arms to me in the dark, and yelled at me: "BIKER I LOVE YOU!" 

What a night, what a feeling, what a place of delight when people yell that at you. I don't recall that happening before, and I think, it is a bit strange, a bit off kilter, certainly, but let's not overthink it, or push it aside. Many people have dwelt much longer on negative things yelled at them from passing cars, so I will take the opportunity to dwell a moment on delight.

Multiplying my awareness of all this--the lights, the night, the canal, the vehicular love--is the awareness of the Canal Convergence event at the Scottsdale Waterfront this weekend. If I don't get sent away this weekend by work, I will check it out. They are setting up for it already, and there are some things which light up and float to be seen starting on Thursday night, and a calendar of other things listed on the site.

There I was, spinning along the dark street with the SUVs rushing past, contemplating art that floats and colored lights and the chance to see some great public art, when this SUV floats past me in the night, and I hear, "BIKER I LOVE YOU!" That was the setting, that's how it happened. Swiftly runs the canal of delights. Blink, or fail to listen, or harden yourself against the world, and you just might miss some fleeting beauty. 

One example of what is being set up for the Canal Convergence event

It's there, it happens, it rushes past with open arms in the night, then it's gone. 



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