Monday, October 21, 2013

Human Machine Light and Motion

I ride over for this, break my line on my commute home. Deviate. Swerve from shade into sun. 

Change rhythm, alter the route, make an unplanned quick turn. Off the path. Up the sidewalk. Over the median. Frogger between traffic. 

I am motion, and motion is me, this mechanical man machine with two wheels covering ground. The mind of the machine is captivated by a flash of sunshine, and the machine-man changes course in an instant, merely to see.

They had it right, the artists and athletes who have seen this blending of steel and flesh and movement, and found in the combination something greater than the sum of its parts. This fleeting phenomenon of sunset through fish art prolonged by a machine that lets me be where I want to, when I need to, over there at that point at that time when this happens, and to be aware that it's going to happen, and to be connected with it all with mind machine light art motion time and place fitting with almost no effort to this end of my wanting.

I'm pointing to a coordinate in space-time when sunlight bursts through steel scales, blazing an ichthyphotonic scalene triangle of me-machine, art, and light. We form a scale for weighing light which was emitted from a nuclear fusion reaction 8 minutes and 19 seconds earlier, by one way of reckoning, or instantly, by another. I am heartened. I become lightened. I ride home, a human light machine, in motion man.



  1. That's spectacular public art and certainly worth altering your course for. I thought it was lit from behind until you mentioned the reflecting sunset. Brilliant!

    1. For brief moments around sunset it late October (the time of gathering up), if glows from the inside.

  2. Hmm, apparently there is harmony in the Universe since I did a fish-themed post as well. Mine was smellier, however...


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