Monday, September 23, 2013

A Couple Thou of Brightness

Forward view

I'm breathing in sunshine. It's autumn now, with these evening rides home soon to be done in darkness, but this evening, everything was bright and warm, and I was spinning strong. All darkness and thoughts of darkness were pushed out with a flood of light rushing into me. The months of summer piled up behind me and drove me forwards. What supposedly lies ahead is shorter days, lack of light at commute time, and while inevitable, and welcome, that's not what I saw on this night. What I saw ahead down the road was this:

The light charger, due west

To ride faster was good because it caused me to breathe faster, which pulled in more light, and stretched out the summer months piled behind me into a kite tail of knotted heat, keeping me stable and straight, headlong into the photonic flood. This same street at this same time will be dark soon, sure as the planet revolves with a tilted axis it will, I know that, but at this moment I opened my mouth and breathed in sunshine, deep of life and 93 million miles between us nothing in that breath of no season, no reason but to ride.

To hold my breath and keep that light inside me, that's what I wished. Plasma breath, a solar inspiration, to feel that heat surge through me out to my fingers, down to my toes, and radiating through my head into clarity and lightness and being. Autumn, I welcome you, and Winter just behind, because on this evening ride I breathed in some rays to get me through, charged up now, an illumined bridge across months to next summer, and holding tight inside the mitochondria of every one of my cells a couple thou of brightness.



  1. I'm glad it's autumn, too, but I can't phrase it so poetically.

    1. The temperature just dropped off a cliff, didn't it? It's remarkable.

  2. This makes me a little sad, JRA, because I'm currently in Detroit, where I don't have access to a bicycle, and it's just as beautiful as where you are and I wish, wish, wish I were getting about on my bike in this fabulous weather.

    1. It's situations like that, which I know all too well, that has me once again looking longingly at Bike Fridays, and Bromptons. A foldie would fix you right up.


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