Saturday, August 17, 2013

Man is the Broken Giant

of paradise reflect

"Man is the broken giant, and in all his weakness both his body and his mind are invigorated by habits of conversation with nature." --Emerson, Essays: History

With Emerson in my head, I set out on a hot Saturday morning Tri-city tour to seek out evidence of history, or nature, in search of the One Mind. Just before going out the door, I had a quick conversation with my wife about how we have way too many water bottles. One of our cupboards is full, overflowing, with water bottles, and my suggestion was that all we really need is one or two good ones per person.

The evidence of nature I encountered on this ride was best heard in the songs of the last of the cicadas, buzzing their hearts out for the sake of it, since by now they are far between and few enough that it seems unlikely they will find a mate. Yet they still sing.

The One Mind...of cycling

In terms of the One Mind, I did find a stray water bottle of my favorite kind on  the path, which struck me as significant, and potentially Emersonian in its being. Also, a bit farther along, a nice set of Park Tool tire levers. Which I posed on this newish bench which implores the passerby to imagine watering the desert. With my newish bottle, and my nifty levers, I did, I did.

Yet to each his or her own visions of paradise, I assume

It was very hot at midday to be out on a bicycle ride, yet, I encountered many other cyclists out and about, all sorts, riding at all speeds, all basking in the glory that is August in Phoenix: 105°F, 5% humidity, blazing sunshine. One Mind.

A cairn of most imposing humanhood, marking a nature trail for mountain bicyclists and hikers

Nature directed down watery paths to generate power, and to water fields

Bring it on, Man and Nature, I got my Gatorskin hardshells, and shall not be punctured

Nature washes out, man repaves, over and over. the cycle continues

Find the cost of Freedom

Seeking  history: one of flood, and recreation, and flood again

My box of connectivity: you would think that I could heal the broken giant with all this

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